Textron Motors – Industrial Engines

Naturally Aspirated (NA) – 80 hp & Turbocharged (TC) – 125 hp

Performance, Dependability, Versatility
Designed and manufactured in Germany for unparalleled performance
and quality in a lightweight, compact 4-stroke petrol power unit.
Welcome to Textron Motors.

Textron Motors is a company with a rich history of innovation and performance, one that began from one of Europe‘s most successful Tier I automotive manufacturers, and is today a part of a global multi-industry company renowned for its engineering and manufacturing prowess in aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial technologies. Textron Motors has a reputation for designing high-quality, high-performing engines that deliver exceptional power for their relatively light weight.

Textron Motors‘ engines are used in products ranging from snowmobiles to small watercraft to portable fire pumps.

No other engine offers powersports OEMs this combination of automotive drive-by-wi re technology and horsepower in a lightweight, compact package.

The MPE 850’s parallel twin overhead cam, available in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged versions, delivers the highest horsepower and torque of any engine in its class. Flat torque curves throughout the RPM range provide smooth power and faster acceleration. The MPE 850’s Torque Demand drive-by-wire control sys tem delivers exceptional performance at any altitude or temperature, and allows for a wide range of calibrations without hardware changes. Precise control of engine operations allows for superior fuel economy and precise emission control – a requirement in today’s marketplace.

For full details please download the full engine package leaflet – MPE 850 IND