Kioti Industrial Diesel Engines

Kioti Industrial Diesel Engines from 0.9L to 2.4 L

Engines Plus Ltd imports and packages a range of South Korean engines, branded Kioti, which are now being very well received in the UK Industrial Engine market.

South Korea is now recognised as one of the world’s strongest manufacturing bases combining Japanese technology with lower cost manufacturing.

Capable of staging world events such as the Olympic Games the country can now boast global electronics giant names such as SAMSUNG and LG, the diversity of manufacturing extends to the automotive and construction equipment with KIA, HYUNDAI and DOOSAN amongst these.


Kioti Engines by Daedong

Established in 1947, Daedong has become a market leader in the manufacture of diesel engines and agricultural machinery in Korea and has received global acceptance of the products manufactured. The acceptability of Daedong products has resulted in the company becoming firmly establishment in both the North American and European markets.

The state of the art engine manufacturing facility currently has the capacity to produce 40,000, multi-cylinder engines per year in the 20 – 60 horsepower range. From three cylinders to turbo charged four cylinder models, quality and dependability is built into each engine produced.

Daedong R & D and the Daedong Technical Center consistently strive to improve the quality and dependability of existing models. All KIOTI engines are built in line with EPA, EC, CARB, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Our range of engines start with the 3C100, 1.0 Litre engine, up to the 4F243T, a 2.4 Litre turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, common rail electronic control, EGR and DPF, developing 73 bhp / 55 kW, we have engines complaint to EU stage 5, EPA Tier 4 Final  and lesser regulated engines for non EU markets. Listed below is our full range of engines

Engine ModelPower RatingEmissions StatusLeaflet
3C100-183017.9 kW @ 3000 r/minEU Stage 53C100 ST5 Leaflet
3A165LWS217.6 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 53A165 ST5 Leaflet
3H18326.1 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 53H183 ST5 Leaflet
3H18329.8 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 53H183 ST5 Leaflet
3H183T33.5 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 53H183T ST5 Leaflet
3H183T37.5 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 53H183T ST5 Leaflet
3H183T41.0 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 53H183T ST5 Leaflet
4H243T45.0 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 54H243T ST5 Leaflet
4H243T50.0 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 54H243T ST5 Leaflet
4H243T55.7 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 54H243T ST5 Leaflet
3C10016.4 kW @ 2800 r/minNo regulation3C100 Leaflet
3A16526.1 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 3a3A165 Leaflet
4A22033.6 kW @ 2200 r/minEU Stage 3a4A220 Leaflet
4B24336.5 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 3a4B243 Leaflet
4B243T44.0 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 3a4B243T Leaflet
3C100LF-DY17.9 kW @ 3000 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final3C100LF Leaflet
3F183LF-3526.1 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final3F183LF-35 Leaflet
3F183LF-4029.8 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final3F183LF-40 Leaflet
3F183T-4533.6 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final3F183T-45 Leaflet
3F183T-5037.3 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final3F183T-50 Leaflet
3F183T-5541.0 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final3F183T-55 Leaflet
4F243T-6044.8 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final4F243T-60 Leaflet
4F243T-6649.2 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final4F243T-66 Leaflet
4F243T-7354.5 kW @ 2600 r/minEPA Tier 4 Final4F243T-73 Leaflet

      For the complete engine brochure, please click on the following link to download the brochure



We also have the ability to package the engine to your requirements, our optional accessories include

  • Engine mounted radiator kit
  • Air cleaner kit
  • Control panel and wiring loom
  • Mounting feet
  • Variable speed control
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Power take off arrangements

For more details, and dedicated quote to meet your power pack requirements, please contact us.