Hyundai Seasall Marine Engines

Marine Diesel engines from 200bhp to 700 bhp

Hyundai’s design and technology has been proven in the automotive sector and is now available in a range of marine diesel engines.  We introduce to you some of the most reliable, clean, fuel efficient, quiet and lightweight diesel marine engines. The all new Hyundai SeasAll diesel marine engines are available in sterndrive, shaftdrive and waterjet.

The ultimate mission of the marine engine is to ensure absolute safety and comfort levels for people on board.  Every system and component should serve to fulfil this mission.  Hyundai Powertrain Technology has some of the world’s best performance and quality standards with its proven range of modern diesel engines.  With this pedigree Hyundai SeasAll was established with its name meaning ‘All of the Oceans’.

Hyundai SeasAll have created a new concept diesel outboard ideal for the commercial marine market, with some great features over a tradition diesel outboard. This unique arrangement allows for features to include

  • Built in Hydraulic pump drive option to drive pot hauler and thrusters
  • Adjustable trim
  • Selectable gear ratio
  • Rope prevention device

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Hyundai Motor Company have launched state-of-the-art models of diesel engines that have been used to complete a full line up of marine diesel engines.

Key features include:

Superb fuel efficiency

Power and endurance with Hyundai’s third generation common rail systems

Compact, quiet and light weight

Compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block

Electronic variable geometry turbocharger

Advanced engine control unit

Timeless reliability and quality assurance

Designed for the environment

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Engine ModelPower RatingEmissions StatusLeafletDrawings
R200200 bhp @ 3800 r/minEU RCD 2 / IMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3R200 LeafletR200P-ZF45A
S270270 bhp @ 3800 r/minEU RCD 2 / IMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3S270 LeafletS270P-ZF63A
S30-OB270 bhp @ 3800 r/minEU RCD 2 / IMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3S30-OB leafletS30-OB
H380380 bhp @ 1800 r/minIMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3H380 LeafletH380 bobtailed
H410410 bhp @ 2000 r/minIMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3H410 LeafletH380 bobtailed
L500500 bhp @ 1800 r/minIMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3L500 LeafletL500 - Bobtail
L600600 bhp @ 2000 r/minIMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3L600 LeafletL600 - Bobtail
L700700 bhp @ 2300 r/minIMO Tier 2 L700 LeafletL600 - Bobtail
G Drive Engines
H10G350 kW @ 1500 r/minIMO Tier 2 / US EPA T3H10 G LeafletPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team
L13G460 kW @ 1500 r/minIMO Tier 2L13G LeafletPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team

We also have a number of reference boats here in the UK fitted with Hyundai Seasall Engines

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