Isuzu Industrial Diesel Engines

Isuzu Industrial Diesel Engines from 0.6L to 15.7 L


4LE2_T4F_lowIsuzu is a representative commercial vehicle producer of Japan and is known for its reliability and track record of success. In addition to developing industrial diesel engines that include Isuzu’s own state-of-the-art technology and have powerful moving capabilities, Isuzu is continuously charging ahead in pursuit of reliability, durability, and eco-friendliness. Isuzu offers a wide-ranging line-up of low- and high-displacement engines. Isuzu will bring reliability to the world as the global standard for future generations.

2019 will see the introduction of EU Stage 5 engines into this market, Isuzu is ready for the challenge of the new regulations, with its high pressure common rail diesel engines with DPF filters.

Isuzu has a complete range of Industrial Diesel engines, listed below in the following chart, which also includes leaflets and 2D power pack drawings.

Engine ModelPower RatingEmissions StatusLeaflet2D Drawing
2CA110.5 kW @ 3600 r/minNo RegulationSales leaflet - 2CA12D Power Pack Drawing
3CA111.5 kw @ 2400 r/minEU Stage 5
3CA117 kW @ 3600 r/minNo Regulation ~ Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 3CA12D Power Pack Drawing
3CH117.8 kW @ 3000 r/minEU Stage 5
3CB119.9 kW @ 3200 r/minEU Stage 3aSales leaflet - 3CB12D Power Pack Drawing
3CE128.2 kW @ 3000 r/minEU stage 3aSales leaflet - 3CE12D Power Pack Drawing
4LE136.9 kW @ 2600 r/minEU stage 3aSales leaflet - 4LE12D Power Pack Drawing
4LE2T36.0 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 5
4LE2X47.4 kW @ 2400 r/minEU Stage 3b - Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 4LE2X2D Power Pack Drawing
4JJ1T52.0 kW @ 2000 r/minEU Stage 3bSales leaflet - 4JJ1TPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team
4JJ1X86.0 kW @ 2200 r/minEU Stage 4 - Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 4JJ1XPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team
4HK1140.0 kW @ 2000 r/minEU Stage 4 - Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 4HK1XPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team
6HK1210.0 kW @ 2000 r/minEU Stage 4 - Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 6HK1XPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team
6UZ1270.0 kW @ 2000 r/minEU Stage 4 - Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 6UZ1XPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team
6WG1382.0 kW @ 1800 r/minEU Stage 4 - Stage 5 readySales leaflet - 6WG1XPlease contact Engines Plus Sales team

Isuzu can also offer both emission compliant or non-emission compliant engines depending on the territory of destination, and for our “Lesser Regulated Engines we have the following products

Engine ModelPower RatingEmissions StatusLeaflet
4JG146.3 kW @ 2600 r/minEU Stage 24JG1 Leaflet
4JG1T62.5 kW @ 2500 r/minEU Stage 24JG1T Leaflet
4BG1T91.7 kW @ 2500 r/minEU Stage 24BG1T Leaflet
4BG1TC96.4 kW @ 2200 r/minEU Stage 24BG1TC Leaflet
6BG1T121.6 kW @ 2200 r/minEU Stage 26BG1T Leaflet
6BG1TC132.3 kW @ 2200 r/minEU Stage 26BG1TC Leaflet
6HK1T136.0 kW @ 2000 r/minEU Stage 26HK1T Leaflet
6HK1X183.9 kW @ 2000 r/minEU Stage 26HK1X Leaflet


For all other Isuzu Industrial Diesel Engines, please click on the following link to Isuzu Japan Website

Engines Plus, as the UK & Eire Distributor have the ability to package the engine to your requirements, our optional accessories include

  • Engine mounted radiator kit
  • Air cleaner kit
  • Control panel and wiring loom
  • Mounting feet
  • Variable speed control
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Power take off arrangements

For more details, and dedicated quote to meet your power pack requirements, please contact us.

We can also offer full 3D drawing files on request